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works for the annual KSCS International Invitation Exhibition of Color Works
_ photo collages _ 50x50cm _ digital prints _ 2016~2023

These work where produced for the annual exhibition of the Korean Society of Color Studies, which have a new theme every year



KSCS 2023, Thinking color, Yellow & Blue ->
In love with Jumping Deers over Dark Brown Crude-oil Poured into Colorful Plastic Bowls



KSCS 2022, Singing Colors - Red & Green ->



KSCS 2021, Rainbow, Uniting Colors ->
Freedom of Expression



KSCS 2020, COVID Colors “Color of Opportunity, Vision, Insight and Design” ->
From Inside



KSCS 2019, We are color ->
Traces of Life



KSCS 2018, All the way that colors ->
Stranded Goods



KSCS 2017, Natural Color ->
Divine Mercy



KSCS 2016, Greeny ->
Looping Seoul