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Divine Mercy VR
_ environment for VR headset, surround audio _ 2021 / 2022


Divine Mercy VR is an extension of my work ‘Divine Mercy’, which consists of a 1:35 scale diorama with dimension of 1m x 1.1m and a resulting 3-channel and single channel video versions.

In Divine Mercy VR the spectator gets scaled down to about 5.2cm and can experience the scenery of the diorama from inside. The spectator can freely walk around and listen to the minds of the people that got trapped in this dimensional and temporal rift, shoot ghosts, pumpkins and chemical waste barrels and explore a variety of other strange incidents.

The work is realized in Unity with the HDRP render pipeline. It works on a Desktop PC with Oculus Quest / Rift.


Screenshots from the Gameplay of Divine Mercy VR / 2022.06

Screenshots from the Gameplay of an early pointcloud version of Divine Mercy VR / 2021.02

'A virtual Death' single channel video derived from Divine Mercy VR, HD, stereo, 2'11", 2021

Gameplay of Divine Mercy VR, not edited, 21'03", 2022.06