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ChonGyeChon memories
_ 4 channel video-installation _ 2003 _ 11'32" _ 4 channel audio

This work was realized for the exhibition "ChongyeCheon Project - people walking over water" in SEMA Seoul, 2003. It deals with the reconstruction of the chongyecheon-stream in central Seoul. The stream was forced underground in the 70ties, when the president at that time decided to build a highway over it.



The CheoGyeCheon area is a huge central market area, whith lot's of specialized markets, where you can get everything, I often go shopping in that area, when I need material for installations.

At that time I saw the reconstruction with mixed feelings - on one side I liked the plan to bring nature back to the city, by tearing down the dark and apocalyptic highway and reestablishing a river, what I feared though is, that in long term the unique atmosphere of the chongyecheon area will give way to a boring lifeless mix of expensive department stores, restaurants and office-buildings.

Materials I used for the installallation are all gathered in the ChonGyeChon area. The monitors are emerged in water ... a metaphor for the markets drowning through the newly reconstructed river. Slowmotion images of the markets are going backwards, while underwater images of nature are playing forward.