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_ 60 dioramas on wooden shelfs _ Motors _ aluminium profile
_ computer controlled moving lights / 16 ch Lightbulbs _ 2013

Room-installation at Gallery Kunstdoc/Seoul. On the walls of the room are 90 wooden shelfs. On the shelfs are 60 szenes that consist out of 3D printed custom figures and plastic toy models, the other 30 shelfs are inhabited by black or white 3D printed plastic ravens. 16 light bulbs are hanging from the ceiling around the room. In each 4 corners, there is a motor rotating toy planes, a hanging woman figure and 3D printed fishes. In the middle of the room is an aluminium-profile structure, that supports 5 moving lights. The lights are programmed to focus on different szenes at different times and are showing constellations between the szenes and tell a kind of story.

When I started to prepare for this exhibition there was a german africa-corps VW-beetle model kit lying around my house for years, so I started assembling it and began thinking about why people like to play with war toys ? why are they entertained by war-movies and war-news ? why do they like to play war-games and then go to fight in a war ?

I started playing by creating my own stories and toys. The Inspiration for the figures came from the daily life and the daily news surrounding me - friends who do gardening on the balcony, the critical situation between North and South Korea, the war in middle east and in other areas on the globe, the US drone war, my appetite for raw fish etc.

The title of the exhibition refers to the fact that the figures can be played with, it refers to the attraction that comes from playing war-games and it refers to the presentation of war through media, so that war becomes entertainment.