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JiHye's Oksang (Roof of Wisdom)
_ flash game _ 2001

I created this game for the exhibition 'Gametopia' in Gallery Hello Art / Seoul. The goal of the game is to feed a cockroach and in return listen to the words of wisdom it has to tell and earn additional 100 points.

The game is in korean, if you don't understand korean, it is a little bit less fun to play.

The background-plate in this game is the apartement building in central seoul, I lived in between 2000 and 2003. A cockroach is moving randomly through 4 spaces on the roof of the apartment-building. You play by hunting the cockroach and shoot food in it's direction.

- You control the direction of movement and angle of the food-cannon by mouse-movement.
- Hitting the space-bar sends the food on it's way.
- A map shows you the cockroaches position.
- You move through the 4 spaces by clicking the mouse over the doors, that are appearing.

play the game

gaming interface

closeUp of the map showing current field of view and cockroach's position

CloseUp of the food-cannon

CloseUp of cockroach and food