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문화.중심.도시 - Culture.Center.City
_ 4 channel videoinstallation _ 4channel sound _ 2009

The installation shows 4 video-loops I shot in Gwangju in 2007. The videos show different scenes from around the Jeonnam Provincial Office and a movie set resembling that area. The set was build for the movie 'May 18', which story is based on a massacre by government soldiers in 1980. In 2004 Korea's former president Noh Moo-Hyun initiated the project "Asia Culture Hub City Gwangju" (directly translating the korean title of the project yields 'asia culture center city'), For the construction of the main site for this project a huge urban residential district around the Provincial Office got demolished starting in 2006. The source for the video-Loops is footage I shot as part of a discontinued documentary project about this construction. The camera view is animated to give a machine like security camera feeling.