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Rote Lichter in der Ferne
_ 4 channel video & sound installation _ 2005

The title 'Rote Lichter in der Ferne' (red lights in a far distance) comes from an old 'Palais Schaumburg' song from the 80ties. In my installation it refers to the korean streetfood tents called PodjangMadja, that usually are covered with orange canvas and promise a warm place to eat and drink in a cold winter night.

In my installation I build a PodjangMadja inside the exhibition space, in the centre of every of the tent's 4 walls I integrated a monitor and speaker. So the spectator is surrounded by 4 channels of sound and visuals.

On the Monitor I show, what usually surrounds the PodjangMadjas: traffic.

The video consists of timelapse footage of driving around with a car in 4 different circles in central Seoul. The video is quantized to a beat of 120rpm by matching every stop of the car to a 4/4 beat of the soundtrack. Midi note- and sound filtering-data is derived from the luminance of the video-track. The sound track is then mixed in Logic Audio. Software used: Adobe After Effects, Max/MSP/Jitter, Logic Audio.