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Concert for 2
_ interactive video & audio - installation _ 2002

An interactive installation for the exhibition 'tangible sound' at 'total museum' in Seoul. Visitors sensed by a videocamera can trigger sounds of traditional korean instruments. There are 2 stations - one with drum-sound the other with string-sound, so 2 visitors can play music together. Beneath the posssibility to do live improvisation, The installation lets the visitor record a short peace of his actions or play back sequences of previously recorded other visitors.

4 buttons let the visitor tell the computer to do 4 different tasks: A - show live image, B - cut & record live image for 1 sec into current 5sec playback sequence, C - play back current 5sec sequence, D - choose randomly another sequence out of previously saved sequences. After 3 new recordings and idle for 3 minutes the computer saves the current 5sec sequence to disk.

Programming for the installation was done with Max/MSP and the video-plugin Nato0+55.